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Parsons Professional Corporation is a group of chartered professional accountants who work directly with owners and managers in investigating and identifying management and business problems related to the policy, organizational, operational, financial, administrative or technical aspects of organizations and recommending appropriate solutions.


What's the best way to finance your growth? Lines of credit, factoring, term finacing, leasing, government grants and programs, equity placements... which combination makes the most sense for your business? Parsons Professional Corporation can help you prepare proposals and solicit funds from appropriate sources.

Can you better manage your cash flow to help finance your growth plans? To maintain a strong cash flow you need accurate, up-to-date reports. What about your credit policies? Do you have the right information on which to base credit decisions?


As an owner-manager, what opportunities do you have to lower your combined tax bill? Our computerized tax planning models encourage innovative thinking, show the tax implications of alternative management decisions and facilitate regular review of your total tax position.

Some firms are slowed down by inadequate accounting systems and unreliable financial reporting. We can design and install a computerized system that not only gives you better information and control, but often costs less that your current system. Our experience in making minor adjustments to the right "off-the-shelf" program can represent important time and money savings! In the management of your business, our experience with "what-if" analysis can help you make the right financial decision for your business.

How to evaluate potential acquisition opportunities is often a key question for the owner-manager who wants to achieve profitable growth. We have helped many clients make sound decisions in this difficult area. We know who to value on-going businesses and we can help you present your business to prospective purchasers or merger partners in a way that will properly position the business opportunity your firm represents.


Cal Parsons, CPA, CA, LPA as a former partner in a large public accounting firm has extensive experience as a consultant to small and medium size businesses in developing management and financial systems and advising on taxation matters. In 1981 started a professional practice to focus his consulting experience on the special needs of the growing small business.

Through an affiliated group, Polymathic, we are able to enlist the services of our systems and programming colleagues who devote full time to these specialized areas. On some projects, we organize a multi-disciplinary team bringing together practitioners from a variety of disciplines. The team approach makes sure that we bring to bear both the functional skills and the industry experience that makes for productive results.


The critical challenge facing every small business owner-manager is how to achieve both growth and increasing profits. The costs associated with growth have to be tempered by the need to establish a profit record that will facilitate outside financing which is usually a prerequisite of long-term growth. To balance the conflicting demands of growth and profits, today's owner-manager needs relevant, current management and financial reports so that the best possible decisions can be made. Parsons Professional Corporation work exclusively with owner-managers... our consulting practice is focused on the special problems and needs of the small business entrepreneur as they work to achieve profitable growth. Parsons Professional Corporation is geared to finding the best solution to your problems and then helping to implement the solution. We stress action rather than lengthy reports... measurable results rather than lengthy promises.



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